About EADA

Welcome to EADA!

EADA’s mission is to advance the development of electric flight by promoting and facilitating the safety, interests and activities of electric aviation. EADA is an organization supported by an international alliance of electric flight stakeholders – from kit plane manufacturers to multinational corporations, from pilots to engineers to students, from amateurs to professionals.

What’s happening at EADA? We have an ambitious workplan for the rest of 2012:

  • Partner with ASTM to begin work on standards and data collection for electric aircraft
  • Work with the Department of Energy to change language in legislation and guidelines to include electric aircraft in the definition of “vehicle” in order to gain access to government funding and research
  • Create advisory committee on standards
  • Create advisory committee on communications

Click here to read EADA’s strategic plan summary.

Tremendous thanks to Craig Willan whose vision, leadership and support have inspired the formation of EADA, and accelerated the development of the electric aircraft industry.